Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pottstown Historical Society on FB

I am excited to be one of the newest board members of the Pottstown Historical Society along with a distant cousin that I found through my Potts ancestors. How exciting to be with other great members as we work together towards a common goal. I also just started a Facebook Fan Page for the Historical Society so check it out and spread the word. Click here to go to the Facebook Page.

It is so exciting to find new relatives and try to piece together the family puzzle. Just today I went to a couple cemeteries in the area with my three kids. I was at the Oak Grove Cemetery and as soon as we got there the skies opened up and it poured buckets. I decided to leave the kids in the car and just look at the ones closest to the car so that I could watch them. I grabbed my umbrella and left my camera in the car. (I have already had one terrible experience with digital cameras swimming in water!) As I walked through the rain, the rain picked up and the lightning started. Let's just say it wasn't as an eventful day as usual. I'll be heading back to take a look again to find more Potts relatives when the weather clears up. That's Pennsylvania for you, one minute it is nice and sunny and the next it is raining cats and dogs!

Here's one image from of a family with the surname "Ewing" that I have been trying to piece together into the Potts puzzle. Happy Hunting!