Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ellis Island

I just discovered this awesome site "Ellis Island" where you can search passenger from 1892 until 1924. Here is Margherita Chiotti who I think is my Grandmother Cinta Basso's sister (tombstone below). The year fits, the area she came from and is going to as well as it says in the manifest that her sister's name was Natalina which was Cinta's sister as well. Still working to confirm. Please post any information that you might find to clarify her identity.

Click on the link to view manifest. Their is a magnifying glass that you can click on to enlarge. There are two pages to this sheet.

Great Grandpa Guiseppe "Joseph" Basso

Here is a picture of what I believe to be my Great Grandfather's grave site. I requested a picture to be taken of any Basso's at the Saint Paul's Cemetery in Owosso, Michigan. Three days later I received an email with these pictures. So exciting!! Here is the link to which is an excellent resource for looking up cemeteries and it is FREE. They are also looking for volunteers to take pictures in your area when people request someone's name to find. I signed up and look forward to serving others as I was able to benefit from it as well.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alanson Norton

This is Grandma Hansen's Great Grandpa from New York. Here is a list of the family members that were on the wagon train with John G. Smith Company. The father is Alanson North (age 37) with all is kids, wife and mother. Can you imagine traveling with all those kids?

Norton, Althea Marie (1)
Norton, Charles Waterberry (15)
Norton, Harriet Emmeline (14)
Norton, Lucy Ellen (11)
Norton, Lucy Wilkinson (62) mother
Norton, Martha Elmina (4)
Norton, Sallie Maria Freeman (34) wife

This is a great resource for searching anyone that immigrated to the Salt Lake Valley between 1847-1868.

Charles Abraham Romrell

This is my Great, great grandfather. (Leona Sarah Lewis Hansen's Great Grandpa) His name is Charles Abraham Romrell. Here is a little bit about him at He was in the Charles A. Harper Company (1855).

Click on Charles's picture for more information about my great...grandpa.