Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Giacinta Chiotti

I have been working on my Grandfather, Charles W Basso's family since my sister is working on finishing his life story. It is very exciting to try and find the many pieces to an amazing puzzle. Here is the manifest from New York when Great Grandmother came to America from Italy. Her name is listed on Line 22. I tried looking for her before and was unable to find her. Her name is misspelled in the database, but the manifest is correct. Also, below it you will find a picture of the ship La Normandie that she sailed on from the Le Havre arriving in New York May 1, 1899.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Searching for Lewis Family Grave Sites

Another Sunday driving to several Friendly Meeting House (Quakers) with the kids to find some ancestors. As we walked around Old Haverford Friends Meeting House, I found some Lewis names. Here is a picture of the tombstone that was obviously redone since the man died in the early 1700s. I didn't know if this was a family member or not, so I took a picture and came home to see if he was. While walking around this grave site, I felt the spirit very strong. I knew someone important to my family had to be there. I figured out that Henry Lewis was my great...grandfather!! Wow, what an incredible feeling to walk in the area that he lived over 300 years ago!